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Why You Need Influencer Marketing For Your Business


Influencer Marketing is the use of persons or groups with enough credibility, be it, expertise, fame, popularity etc. to sell or market an idea, product or service. It is a practice that is widely used in Marketing circles. This practice stems from the fact that humans are naturally hero worshippers. There is always a desire to be led, to believe, to look up to someone for direction. This desire in humans is what Marketers have pounced and have leveraged on. Hence, they bring in people with a cult-like following to represent or endorse their brands. This way, there is a spilling effect on followers.

Just like the Agenda Setting Theory proposes that facts which people know about public issues tend to be those which the mass media presents to them, this means that humans tend to allow the media to think for them and they just follow in line.  Same way, Influencers have a way of influencing the purchasing habits of their followers. It is believed that the Influencers set the agenda for buying decisions made by their followers. The Influencers may not always determine what their followers think, but there is a line of effect.

Now, bringing this idea to business, it becomes a strategy to get people to become much more aware and love your brand. Hence, one strategy used is to connect what you do to an Influencer and in the long run to his/her followers.


Emotional Connection

Your business is a professional entity. The aim of setting up the business is to make money. In doing this you might not likely make lots of emotional connections. What Influencer Marketing does for your business is that it brings out the human side of your business. It portrays your business as a being that can be related. This is done by putting a face to the business. The face is that of your influencer. This way, the fans and followers of the Influencer see your business as something they can key into because their hero has said or written something good about it.


Another thing that Influencer Marketing does for your business is that it brings about trust. This is simple. You are transferring the trust your Influencer’s audience has for him to your business. Influencer Marketing can help bring about credibility and trust in ways other forms of marketing cannot. You might create all the content you want, you might employ search engine optimization and even begin to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPS), but even with all these, you can still lack credibility and the trust of your potential buyers. An influencer, coming into the fray, can give you a fast track to credibility. Your position and brand is validated through the mention of an Influencer.

Enlarged Audience

Influencer Marketing as a strategy will help you enlarge your audience. Your business will find a pathway to the hearts of your Influencer’s followers. It helps you broaden your audience. This emphasizes the importance of taking proper care to Identify Influencers in your field or industry. This is so that interests are aligned. When you partner with an Influencer, it gives your business access to a larger audience; and an audience that has the potential of becoming buyers.

In a world where the power of Social Media is ever increasing, it simply means that Social Media users with a lot of influence can help your brand grow. Although a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy takes time and effort to execute, it’s well worth it.


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