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Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Business

The emergence of the 21st century brought about the introduction of several ways to increase awareness and sales of products and services in the business. Quality television advertisement, blogging and internet advertisement placements, were brought into play. Although this modernization made a positive impact on the business world, many business owners struggle with the high price of advertisement companies and marketing strategies. The struggle goes as far as, even if there is an increase in return of investment, ROI, money paid to marketing companies, overshadow the profit realized.

The question asked by business owners becomes; Which marketing strategy is highly effective with low cost of implementation? The answer is simple – Email Marketing.


Email marketing is simply the sending of commercial messages about sales, special offers, and so on, to customers through electronic mail. Email Marketing is a form of Content Marketing. Here, details about your business or company are sent via emails to your clients and customers. The content that is sent out could include Press Releases, News Stories about your products, Media content and the likes. There is always a mailing list. This mailing list is a list of emails that you send the content to. Most times, businesses have a very large email list which includes email addresses of actual clients and target clients too, this serves two purposes. One, to keep the actual clients in the know about things that are happening in the company and two, to advertise their goods and services to target customers. 

So, here are a few reasons e-mail marketing is important for your business;


More than 80% of the world use the internet. Out of this large percentage, eighty-five out of a hundred, own at least one e-mail account. If the target audience for a product gets a commercial message, there is exposure of your business up to thousands or even millions of customers. (This is dependent on the strength of your email list). This is a very good channel for awareness.


The uniqueness of e-mail marketing is that it keeps your products and customers in contact. Special offers, promotions, and deals, can reach your customers on a large scale. Where fliers and text messages do not reach, an e-mail will go farther in penetration.


Unlike television adverts and online advertisement, e-mail marketing stands as one of the cheapest avenues to reaching customers and getting sales for products. A substantial cut of capital budgeted for marketing can be saved and plowed back into product production.


Most marketing strategies do not have strong tracking or measuring standards. If your product has multiple marketing strategies for exposure, it’s usually quite difficult to follow up on which one works the most. Email marketing, however, is quite easy to track. Return on investment, ROI, can be electronically calculated.


Knowledge of reactions to product satisfaction can be monitored through e-mail. There is an unsubscribe clause in e-mail marketing. The reaction you get from customers can really affect a business. If your TV adverts are being thrown popcorn at by your customers, there is no adequate information gotten about the displeasure of your product. But if there is however multiple opting out of subscription to your product information, the data can be accurately gotten.


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