The Future Is Here: Virtual Reality Is Here To Stay


It is 2019 and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the virtual reality technology is not just a fad that is fading away anytime soon. The interactive computer-generated experience is finding new usage and getting applied in new fields on human endeavor. Its arrival a few years ago saw a revival in the gaming industry and caused an overhaul in how games were made, the deeply immersive technology is bent on doing much more.

Solving real-life problems
There is more to virtual reality than just gaming, the technology is veering and invading new industries; from environmental activism to medicine. Although Africa is slow in the adoption of the virtual reality experience, it is catching up.

We all have the fear of getting lost when visiting a new location, we often have to rely on maps and other forms of navigation. That is set to change, what if you could actually do more than see your location and route. What if you could hear and feel what your destination is like before you get there? Virtual reality has got you.

Environmental pollution is a big problem. While scientists are doing their best to curb the vice particularly within the world’s water bodies, there are few ways to keep the populace abreast of how huge the problem is. Virtual reality has gone light years ahead to provide a way. All you need to do is don a VR headset and your room could be transformed into the depth of the black sea. What better way to be aware of a situation than to see it with your own ‘eyes’?

Activism is also an area that has seen the deployment of virtual reality to a reasonable extent. Amnesty International held a donation event that included a VR show of the reality in Syria. The appreciation of the dire circumstances the area was in caused an uptick in donations.

This increased usage is not due to a fascination with the VR technology, rather it is as a result of the need to portray information in ways other than the traditional way.

The way forward
As VR penetrates more industries and the deeply immersive experience becomes more commonplace, the prices of VR hardware will drop. This will lead to greater affordability and usage. The technology has shown the versatility and ease it can generate. You want to give people a virtual tour of your premise or market a medical product? Why not allow them see how the product function using the VR technology?  The experience will drive your sales above board.

For example, a brand like Quadron VR is making huge advancements in the VR industry in Nigeria. Having recently just launched a VR productline designed for the enterprise market and aimed at increasing efficiency and cost savings in the area of safety and manufacturing.

Regardless of your industry, prepare for the shift. Virtual reality is here to stay; it is better you become a pioneer than to be left behind when the train leaves the station. The Immersive technology that VR boasts of can be used to your advantage. Whatever you are into, in anything you do, there is a way that VR can come in to make things more immersive.


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