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Ten Things To Note Before You Go For A Job Interview – Suzanna Daniel

So you are one out of a lucky few selected for an interview and now you want to make an impression, raise your chances of scaling the interview and get picked for the job. Here are ten things that will be of tremendous help to you before you go for your interview.

1. Conduct proper research on your prospective employers.

It is very important that before you go for an interview, you carry out some basic background check about your employers and what they do. What are their services like? How long have they been running? Are they credible? Is the firm or establishment legally registered? By putting these checks in place, you not only increase your level of confidence but it also helps you know how much your chances of landing the job is, if it’s a waste of time or if it’s a terrain you can fit in properly in to.

2. Prepare multiple copies of resume

Make sure you have multiple copies of your precise and detailed resume. You may need to submit copies of your documents to more than one office. You never can tell how the format of the interview will be so it is better to be prepared ahead. Also, do not forget to carry a pen and a small notebook or jotter along. Some interviews would require you to write a written test. It does not show comportment trying to borrow a pen from a fellow applicant or perhaps your prospective employers.

3. Punctuality.

Set out very early from home in order to beat traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances and arrive in time for your interview. Arriving hours before the interview time would help you settle down, relax and even maybe make a few acquaintances amongst staff and get acquainted with new knowledge that may aid your interview.

4. Answer all questions intelligently.

 Be ready to answer all questions smartly. Your employers want to test your intellectual capacity and see if it matches your certificate qualifications. Be sure to build their trust there. Get a composite interview manual, read it, solve some of the questions, practice days before your interview. Also, ask your employers questions. What is the job like? What is expected of you? Salary description etc, while maintaining professionalism in your approach.

5. Be orderly, mannerly and genuine.

Do not try to create a faux impression like faking an accent, trying to project who you are not in a bid to impress. Be original. Be natural, Be you.

6. Make the right choice of outfit.

 It’s an interview and so your choice of outfit is very important. Your appearance will speak volumes about you even before you speak. Dress smartly, style your hair neatly, avoid using perfumes with strong or harsh smells. You do not want to walk into the room and have them choking or distracted by your perfume smell. Remember you will be addressed the way you dress.

7. Reread the job description.

Reread the job description and be certain you can handle it to perfection before you go for it. Have an idea of the average salary range for your skills and what you are offering to avoid being swindled or short-changed. Know your worth and do not be scared to place your demands if you are fit and perfect for the role.

8. Be bold and confident.

Do not stutter or stammer during your speech. Maintain eye contact. Do not lower your head while replying to questions. Smile often but not sheepishly.

9. Do not bad talk former employers.

 If you’ve been employed previously, do not talk bad about previous employers. Nobody wants to employ a telltale. Keep your answers strictly professional.

10. Get verifiable references.

You’ll need references that are verifiable. Get these prepared days or weeks before your interview. Let your references be people of great character and integrity. You will need a referral of confidence to give your employers and so ensure all of this is put in place before the day of your interview.

I wish you the best of luck with your interview.


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