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How To Start A Small Scale Digital Marketing Company In Nigeria

Digital Marketing is an industry that is expanding ferociously now in Nigeria. You could make a whole lot of money helping firms handling their Digital Marketing, especially as brands are now beginning to realize and understand the enormity of power that the Digital space has to offer. Every business now wants to have Social Media handles, this means that there would be a need for management of these handles, there would be a need for content creation, there would need deployment and training. These are the areas that you can come in. Never forget that if you want to run a business that will be profitable, just try to solve problems. We’ve identified that these are major challenges for organizations, hence, they are on the lookout for people who can help solve their problems.


There are several processes and operations in Digital Marketing, and you will be shooting yourself in the foot if you want to do all of them. Your best strategy is to understand where your strength lies and focus on it. Become the best in that aspect and see clients start looking for you all over. At LePublicistNG, our strength lies in Content Creation and also in Training. Hence, we focus more on creating content for brands. We do not necessarily handle Social Media Management or Media Buying, we just create content and hand over to the firm. We also do organize lots of training sessions, where we teach 21st-century concepts and ideas. We know our strength, and we utilize it to the maximum.


No client would come your way if you don’t have a reputation. No firm or brand will want to use your services if they can’t see proof of anything you’ve done. You need to put in serious work into building your brand. Let your work begin to speak for you. Before you start getting paid clients, take up some pro-bono clients so that you can gain adequate experience and also use the work done to create a portfolio that you can show would-be clients. Your friends have businesses they do, they would be very glad to have you work on their Digital brand. Another free client you can pick up is your church. Run a campaign for your church, beef up its Social Media account, then use it as a testimony of projects you’ve handled. Record your successes. Make sure you have a detailed testimonial of projects you’ve handled


Digital Marketing is a field that is quite new, especially in Nigeria. As much as inroads are being successfully made, the field is still largely unknown in many quarters. Simply put, so many businesses have not seen the need to invest in Digital Marketing. They are still comfortable with their traditional methods as these methods are still bringing in returns for them. Also, some small-scale businesses, especially those owned by older people who do not understand the new digital age will be a hard sell. These kinds of firms would be very hard to sell your services too. The way to conquer this challenge and grab this market share is to come in through content marketing.

Content marketing is simply giving out relevant information about the industry you operate in for free. So, what you have to do is to begin to create relevant information that your clients might need, then try to get it to them for free. A perfect example is this article you’re reading. We are giving out the knowledge in this article for free. Run a blog on Digital Marketing ideas, publish regularly, and make sure that you’re giving relevant info. Once the target clients begin to see how helpful your content it, your Digital Marketing firm will stay fresh in their minds. This makes your marketing a whole lot easier.


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