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How To Negotiate Like A Boss

Negotiation skills can be learned. With good practice, you can learn how to negotiate like a boss. The boss approach to negotiation is actually to put your heart into it, observe keenly and seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The best negotiators are people with nice character. They are the likable type and you won’t even like to disagree with them. They are the kind of people that you feel relaxed agreeing with. Some people are good at negotiating in their own interest, and some people are not. Which one of these types of people do you want to be? One of your main jobs in life, one that will lead to increasing levels of self-confidence, is to become more effective in influencing others by learning great negotiation skills and choosing good questions to ask.

The best negotiators always strive to strike a balance for both parties. They always try to achieve a situation that each party can claim as a win which will thereby make every party involved satisfied. When negotiating, there are some elementary negotiating skills that can help you achieve the desired result.

  • Try to comprehend the situation and ask a lot of questions, not irrelevant ones though. This is how to negotiate like a boss.
  • Do not focus solely on the price of the products. Try to inform and convince the person you’re negotiating with to see the other benefits he/she can gain from the deal.
  • Patience is a virtue. A very good negotiator ought to be very patient. They take their time to prepare tactical questions so clarity of mind is achieved on each point as the negotiations go on so that no confusion whatsoever brews up later on.
  • To negotiate like a boss, one needs to go to the ‘battlefield’ ready and prepared. According to research, preparation accounts for over 80% of success in negotiating. In the act of preparing, one needs to simulate the negotiations process in his/her mind from start to finish to envision how the negotiations may go and the possible outcomes and be ready.

One shouldn’t be caught unawares in the process of negotiations and if one is caught, exceptional composure needs to be shown so as not to give one’s self away. One should also try to get information about everybody who might be involved in the negotiation process as this may prove to be very valuable and may come handy.


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