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How To Get Your First Job – Suzanna Daniel

For most graduates or undergraduates in their final year of study, this remains the big question. Haunted by the large and competitive job market, with hardly new openings to meet up with the geometrical release of graduates into the system, it can be very tasking to secure a good job after all those years of school. Hence many graduates roam the streets, years after graduation, a certificate in hand but no clue on how to land their first job. Here’s a compilation that might be very helpful in setting you on track.

1. Identify what you want to do

What do you want to do? What can you do? Where can you work? Who are those that might be interested in hiring people with your skill sets? What industry does your skill or service fit in to perfectly?  Know and answer all of these questions as it would aid your search for a job.

2. Put out applications to places in need of your services

If you’ve decided where and who you want to work for or with, the next step will be to send in your application. In your application, highlight key reasons why you should be considered for the role, like your achievements in that field and what you can do especially for them.

3. Social media networking

The power of social media can not be overemphasized. Follow people who are thriving in your field of interest. Learn and relearn how they’ve managed to make it work. Put your work, skill or service description up on social media. Let people know what you do and that you can do it well. Also, build your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a very good place to connect with people of like minds who also show interest in your skills and are in demand for the services you can render.  You never know where your prospective employer would come from.

4. Try working remotely

There are a host of online platforms created for job seekers to work remotely. You can become a freelancer and render services to people from all over the world. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer are a few out of the many creating employment for people from the conventional way. Sign up with these sites, Create a profile and start working and earning remotely from the comfort of your homes.

5. Talk to people

If you are in need of a job then make sure not only you are aware of that. It would make the process longer and tiring. Try meeting people you think can be of help and let them know you are in need of a job.

6. Sign up for newsletters

You can sign up for newsletters that notify you of new job openings everyday via your email and increase your chances of getting a job.

 7. Prepare your CV (curriculum vitae) 

Now, most people assume to make an impression, your CV must be loaded with too much unnecessary big grammar and jargon. However contrary to that, your CV should be concise, precise, apt and straight to the point. Use powerful yet simple action words and tenses to make an impression. Your CV should be brief, preferably stick to your achievements. Remember they are looking to see what you can do for them, reasons to hire you, don’t bore them.

 8. Accentuate your quality skills more

Putting in something everyone else already has in their CV like how you can use MS word or WPS won’t make much of an impression. Anyone can do these things these days. Add that one time you earned an online degree in a course relating to the job description, attach it there or that one time you were at public speaking to talk about an issue (let them be things relating to the field) Let them see you can be versatile. Add skills that aren’t too common to find in just any curriculum vitae. Add skills peculiar to you (which is why self-development is also very important).

It’s simple logic. Every prospective employer wants to know in simple plain English, what you have that might be ingenious to the growth and development of your intending field of work. Are you just like every graduate with a certificate and a ready-made curriculum vitae for effect just looking for a place to put you on payroll or do you really know your onions?  


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