Brogues Give You A Stylish, Yet Professional Look! Why You Must Have One


The thing about fashion is trends almost always come back for one reason or another. So you are looking to stock up your shoe closet but don’t want to go for “old-fashioned” shoes and a bit skeptical about brogues(perforated shoes). Here are some reasons you should absolutely go for the classic and timeless brogues if you haven’t done so already.

Made from very high-quality materials of which leather comes in first and with a very low and soft sole, you can easily move around in your pair of brogues. Your trips to the hospital to treat swollen and sore feet will be less frequent and you won’t have to worry anymore about the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of walking in uncomfortable footwear. With brogues, you can walk around all day without feeling like you have shoes on.

Worried that unexpected rain might ruin your costly shoes? When you own a pair of brogues, your panic, and anxiety during times as such reduces. With its perforated opening for draining water, you confidently enter the rain with your pair of brogues that have been specially designed to resist rainstorm and snow. Brogue boots can be interchanged here with regular brogues.

Brogues generally come in different styles and types from the semi- brogue to the quarter-brogue, therefore, you don’t have to worry about having limited options. For every occasion you have in mind, there is a pair of brogues suitable for it. The medium or dark brown shade blends well with not only corporate three-piece suits but also with casual jeans.

Though brogues have been around for a very long time(16th century Scotland and Ireland), their beauty hasn’t diminished. More and better variations are now available and it is fast becoming trendy to wear them. In fact, celebrities and models now embrace the brogues and make bespoke fashion statements with them, probably taking a cue from the Prince of Wales, Edward, who popularized the brogues in the 1930s. Therefore you don’t have to worry about it going out of style in a long time.

Brogues, available in both suede and leather, are constructed to stand the test of time.

With brogues, you will not only look stylish and feel comfortable, but you can also be sure that this quality footwear will stay in your closet for a good long time.


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