5 Apps That Will Help You Get Your Business Organized This Week


Most business people spend a considerable amount of time outside their office connecting/networking, marketing, and selling. Regardless of this, business owners and entrepreneurs are still expected to be on top of their game in whatever they’re involved in.
It’s no news that this is a digital world (although many would still opt for the traditional use of pen and paper. However, not everyone can carry a note all around and it’s not every time you’ll get the opportunity to jot. You’ve got to up your game.

So here, we’ll be sharing with you 5 apps (there’s actually more if you Google it) that’ll help you get your business organized. Some of them could apply to your everyday life as well.

1. IFTTT: This stands for “If Not This Then That” 😁
Nice huh?
This app basically helps your digital life by connecting all of your apps in one place.

2. EXPENSIFY: We all know that expenses, cash flow is like the heart of the business. So what does Expensify do?
This helps to keep you on top of your money game. How money is being spent in your company and the things your employees use the money for. All your expenses in one place.

Image result for expensify3. FEEDLY: What’s a business person without being up to date with news in his niche and upcoming trends? Feedly is an app that helps you get updated with happenings in the business world and also gives you a nudge or a little heads-up in the upcoming trends.

4. SLACK: This app helps with internal communication. Communication within the company. Those on it can exchange all types of files/documents which do not automatically save to the device even when opened. We all need space on our phones, aye? So this app is very useful.
Related image
5. BUSINESS CARD READER: Do you still stuff tons of business cards in your wallet? You may just still be in 2005 😀
This app helps you scan a business card then saves it to your contacts. Amazing eh?

**All Apps mentioned here available for download on the Google PlayStore.


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