3 Major Lessons Nigerian Startups Can Pick Up From Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana


Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz burst into the music scene with freshness that has not been seen in a very long while. While we were getting used to our artistes dishing us same style and sound over and over again, Falz came up with something totally new and different. He brought freshness into the whole music industry…and the result was just phenomenal. The country lapped him up like ice cream. Just two years in the industry, Falz has threaded uncharted waters and set it ablaze. In 2016, he won an MTV Africa Music Award and also an Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award.


You can’t come into the industry recycling ideas that have been used and used. There needs to be freshness in whatever you are bringing to the table. Falz is unique. His sound is fresh. Like Chude Jideonwo of Red Media put it, “There is nothing in the vocabulary of the media, of entertainment, of any of its varied streams and disciplines, that was ready for and then captures what exactly Falz is about” Likewise, your business should hit be strong on the concept of uniqueness. To make this point clearer, you need to understand that the 21st century is a fast paced one when it comes to ideas. Whatever business ideas you might have in your head, be rest assured that you’re not the only one thinking of it. We once wrote an article titled “Every Business Idea Will Die in Five Years”, you could check it out. Everyone is on a roll trying to outsmart each other with unique ideas. So, you need to go beyond the average. At LePublcistNG, we have a mantra – “The Box Is Dead”. To us, the world has gone beyond thinking outside the box, in the 21st century, the box is dead. What we do now is just think. As crazy as your idea might be, it might just be what will sell. It is important not to set any standards when generating ideas.


One thing that stands Falz out is the fact that he sure knows what he is doing. Forget that this dude speaks in a way that can make even the most strong-faced person break into laughter. The way he mangles English language, his tilted face, the synchronism of his words, altogether, one sight that just makes Falz who he is. But beyond these is one young man who is a well-spoken Law Graduate, highly intelligent, the son of a prolific Legal Practitioner, there sure is depth beyond the surface. This point is specifically for the Entrepreneur. You must not only have superficial knowledge of your business, but, you must go deeper and wider to gain adequate knowledge of the industry you operate in. You should be able to name ten competitors in your field off-hand. You must know the stakeholders in your business and know how to manage them. You must read extensively about new trends in your industry and they affect your business. Wearing the tag of an Entrepreneur means that you must be extremely knowledgeable about the field you operate in.


One important lesson startups in the 21st Century need to learn is how to create a value chain that goes beyond the basic services they offer. A typical example of this is global brand, Apple. They have succeeded in creating a long chain, providing value on several layers, keeping their customers hooked. Let me explain much better. A person who uses an Apple Phone will prefer to use a Mac, will have to make use of iTunes so as to download songs to be played on an iPod. These are other products that have come to help keep the customer in the Apple family. Let’s bring this concept to Nigeria. A popular transportation company that runs between Lagos and Delta State, Agofure employs this strategy perfectly. Agofure has a chain of supermarkets along this route where their buses stop, and passengers can come down to buy things. There are also fuel stations along the route too servicing their buses. With this kind of value chain, the company has provided other accompanying services that create value and bring in revenue.

So, how does Falz do this…? Falz is more than a Rapper, he is an Actor, Comedian, Brand Ambassador, Motivational Speaker and many more. His role as ‘Segun’ in the popular sitcom – Jenifa’s Diary was an instant hit.

In Conclusion, never forget that the 21st century is a place for rapid-fire thinking. Get your creative juices out.


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