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10 Good Habits You Need To Pick Up In 2020 To Improve Your Health

I know it’s probably too late to preach about staying safe in this season considering how much damage that would have been done already. I’m not here to call you out, trust me.  I’m just here to tell you there’s a second chance to taking up living a healthy life. Yes, the new year.

2020 is in a few days and I honestly see this as perfect timing to pick up new habits.  You don’t just wake up one morning and start living healthy it takes conscious daily effort. Building deliberate actions into habits and habits into a lifestyle.

Here are 10 habits that can improve your health in 2020

1.Drink More Water

71 % of the planet is covered with water. Perhaps, the ubiquitous nature of water has created some form of familiarity that gives an illusion that we don’t need to actually drink it to have it in us. The simple act of taking a glass of water every morning has proven to help in kidney function, weight loss, and even skin glow.

2. Get Rid Of Carbs

Grabbing doughnut for lunch or having bread and mayonnaise for breakfast seems like the best option until you begin to see symptoms of high cholesterol levels. Aside from the accumulation of toxic substances, consuming carbs is the key to becoming overweight. I know it’s not easy stopping all of a sudden but a progressive withdrawal will help.

3 Sleep Is Not For The Week

It’s extremely sad that short hours of sleep have become fashionable. Individuals who have a steady sleep of 7 hours per day have proven to be more productive and less prone to stress than those who don’t.In this year, please extend your hours on your bed.

4. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet aids detoxification. The place of eating healthy cannot be ignored in the overall physical wellbeing of any individual.

4. Take A 30 Minutes’ Walk Every Morning

Press-ups and cardio might not fit into your capacity but taking 30 minutes to workout every morning has the capacity to boost cardiovascular functions. Your heart will thank you for this inclusion

5. Cut On The Carbonated Drinks

That soothing sweet taste your tongue is longing for can be gotten from a simple extraction of juice from a watermelon or pineapple. Carbonated drinks have no health benefits, your body will thank you for this exclusion.

6.Go For Regular Check-Up.

 Don’t assume everything is okay in your body, go to the hospital and confirm the status of your health

7. See A Therapist

I saw a therapist for the first time few days ago and trust me I didn’t realize how much therapy I needed till I was done with the session. Try this for your mental health next year make it a habit to take care of your mental health.

8. Stay Away From Alcohol

This will reduce your chance of developing liver cirrhosis and organ failure.

9.Wear Shades In The Sun

10.Smile More Often

I’ll end with this quote ‘A SMILE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY’


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